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Women's Slippers & Moccasins

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Few things are better than sliding your feet into some warm, comfortable fur-lined women’s slippers after spending a day on your feet or in the office. Especially for women who regularly wear dress shoes, soft slippers are a must-have for winding down around the house. If you’re looking for fleece, wool or fur-lined women’s slippers, look no further. KicksUSA has a wide range of cozy women’s UGG slippers and moccasins available in different colors, styles and materials.

Women’s Indoor Slippers and House Shoes

Imagine it’s cold outside. You’ve worked a long day in the office. There was traffic on your commute or the train ran late. All you want to do is go home and relax. What’s better—having a pair of warm, cozy slippers waiting for you or having chilly feet?

It’s a pretty simple answer: having slippers is better than not having slippers. But if you’re looking for women’s slippers or house shoes, there are few materials to choose from, which we’ll outline below.

Women’s Fleece Slippers

Like blankets for your feet, fleece slippers offer ultimate comfort and warmth.

Women’s Fur-Lined Slippers

A lot of UGG slippers are fur-lined with genuine lamb fur. These are some of the softest slippers you’ll find such as Ugg’s line of Tasman slippers.

Women’s Wool Slippers

Ultra warm, soft slippers that are made for comfort. Ugg’s Dakota slippers are a perfect example of these.

Women’s Cotton Slippers

The most common material for slippers. They’re easy to keep clean and maintain.

Women’s Faux Suede or Synthetic Leather

Good for an upscale look, but not as warm as softer, more plush fabrics.

Women’s Furry Slippers

Furry slippers can be made from any material, including cotton, fleece, fur or something else.

Women’s Moccasins & Slippers Shoes

Slippers can be worn outside, too. A lot of UGG women’s moccasins and slippers are built to be worn both indoors and outdoors. Slipper boots, slipper shoes and moccasins are more or less made for the outdoors, and make the perfect companion for weekend errands.

They’re also nice for cold days when you have to take out the trash or grab something from your car or take the dog for a quick walk around the block. They’re built with durable soles to protect them from damage, and plush inners to give them that extra luxurious feel.

But slippers aren’t just for the winter months, either. Summer slippers are made with more lightweight, breathable fabrics as an alternative to flip flops. However, summer slippers do not sacrifice comfort. Though they don’t have the same warmth and depth of layering, they make up for it with cool cotton and breathable, soft synthetic materials.

Soft Slippers For Women

Slippers can be as simple or as lavish as you want them to be. Whether you use them as house shoes or wear them out for errands and coffee shop stops, women’s slippers are the ultimate accessory for the winter months. Of course, you can wear them in summer, but when you think slippers you think fur-lined, cozy footwear to keep your feet warm when the weather won’t cooperate. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of women’s slippers and find the best pair for you.