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Womens running shoes should be easier to pick out. They’re just for function, right? You wear them when you go for a run or train at the gym. They don’t need to be trendy. It’s not like you’re wearing them for work, when you go out, or when you’re really doing anything except running. Wrong. Most women would tell you that this is absolutely false. Fashion is a huge part of why women choose one running shoes over another, and some women do wear them for fashion, not just for performance.

Of course, most times, performance comes first. Women need something reliable when they’re running. We look for a pair that is comfortable, flexible, and lightweight. But it’s tough to draw the line. Do you sacrifice style or performance when you’re picking out athletic sneakers?

The answer should be neither. Brands that make running shoes have been paying attention to both of these things. Forward-thinking makers understand that people don’t want to sacrifice one for the other, and have been developing athletic shoes that give the best of both worlds.

KicksUSA’s women’s running shoes selection is geared toward these brands and styles. Shop from a collection of women’s running shoes that includes everything from the popular standbys like Nike sneakers with Flyknit technology to more fashion-forward shoes like the Puma Fenty series. You can also find other best-selling running shoes from brands like adidas, ASICS, Saucony and New Balance.

Read on to find out how to pick the best women’s running shoes for your needs.

Running Shoes for Women vs. Training Shoes for Women

The difference between these two seems negligible, but it really shouldn’t. There are important distinctions between women’s running shoes and trainers.

This may sound too simplistic, but running shoes are designed for running.

It makes more sense if you think about the body mechanics of running. There is more cushioning in the heel, where impact is made, and less cushioning through the ball of the foot. Typically they are more breathable because the heat generated while running is greater than the heat generated while walking or training. Overall, running shoes are geared for endurance, high-impact and forward movement to provide lightweight comfort when you're going the distance on streets, trails or treadmills.

Women’s trainers are built to support forward and lateral movement equally. They can be used for jogging on a treadmill at the gym, but are mostly for lifting weights and more explosive workouts. You really shouldn’t be running for more than a 5k in trainers because they are not built for long-distance running.

When you think about trainers, think jumps, quick cuts and lateral movement. That’s a lot different than long-distance running. These two types of shoes need to be thought about differently because they are, in fact, different.

Women’s Running Shoes Style

Fashion aside, women’s running shoes have different styles of performance, and this usually has a lot to do with how they’re made.

Take Nike Flyknit Technology as an example. Flyknit shoes use high-strength fibers, water protection, ultra-light materials, targeted stretch zones and more, all while maintaining efficient product use so there is no waste. Flyknit technology is built for running and training, but is used across a bunch of different styles of shoes.

Other brands use different technologies to reach the same end. If you pay attention to how a shoe is made, you’ll have a better idea of how it will perform. For running shoes, this is extremely important.

As you’re shopping, check out product descriptions and features, and pay close attention to the intended use of the shoe. As for style, find something that fits your look and just make sure you’re not sacrificing performance.