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Leggings and workout tights have become a huge part of everyday women’s wear in recent years. Not only are they comfortable to wear during yoga or your usual workout routine, they’re also versatile enough to dress up or down for anything you’re doing. Sometimes, the best part about wearing gym clothes is that you don’t actually have to go to the gym to wear them. Embrace athleisure, and shop KicksUSA’s selection of compression leggings, yoga pants and activewear for women from top brands like Nike and adidas.

Women’s Leggings and Tights for Style

Leggings and yoga pants were once considered just workout clothes for women, not something you would wear outside of the gym. Leggings and tights have become so popular that if you’re heading out and want to wear something that isn’t too dressy, leggings can be easily styled with your outfit for all day comfort and style.

Some people call it athleisure, some call it casual wear, some call it workout gear. In reality, it’s all three.

Yoga pants and leggings can be worn with just about any top, and are available in all types of different colors. Compression leggings, too, allow you to look and feel fit during everyday errands or even nights out with friends.

Women’s Leggings and Tights For Workout and Activewear

The activewear you decide to wear when going to the gym affects your workout in many ways. If you aren’t comfortable, you may not be as focused while you’re working out. By wearing workout clothes that actually fit to your body, like leggings or yoga pants, you can achieve more and worry less.

You want your workout clothes to keep pace with the way you move. Make sure your activewear stays put while you run that extra mile or push those last few minutes. Buy workout clothes that can keep up with your routine.

The Difference Between Workout Leggings and Yoga Pants

Women wear yoga pants as activewear as well as loungewear. The differences are subtle, but important. Yoga pants typically have a top that folds over the waistband, and are made of a thick, tight material. They’re also often bootcut.

When it comes to workout leggings, they are typically made of a thinner material and are completely tight to the ankle. Workout leggings allow you to move easier and perform better because you aren’t being weighed down by heavier material.

Both are acceptable to wear while doing any type of workout, and are more beneficial than loose-fitting shorts or pants. The tighter your clothes are, the more your body is able to move freely. Your activewear will keep your body warmed up while you’re stretching or doing an intense yoga pose.

Women’s Gym Clothes, Activewear and All-Day Wear

Having a pair of leggings or yoga pants to throw on quickly has become the norm in modern style. A lot of women’s fashion is focused on comfort, but the brands that do it right still make it look stylish. Athleisure has become commonplace in women’s style, and it only seems to be trending up.

Tights can easily be dressed up with adidas, or dressed down with your favorite Nike workout shoes. However you decide to wear them, they are bound to stay in style for a long time. Improve your style and shop KicksUSA’s selection of women’s leggings and tights today.