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Women's Winter & Outdoor Boots

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Fall and winter means it’s time to protect your feet from harsher weather conditions, but it’s not always just about practicality—it’s about looking good, too. KicksUSA’s collection of women’s boots has everything you need to get ready for the winter and fall weather in style, from tall rubber rain boots to trendy ankle boots for work. Shop women’s boots from top brands like Timberland, UGG and more.

Timberland Boots for Women

Timberland brings a range of styles to the world of women’s boots. From ankle boots to high heeled boots and everything in between, Timberland has been pioneering women’s boot fashion for quite some time now.

Toeing the line between style and function, Timberland boots pair easily with denim to unlock some classic street style looks or you can go for a more subtle look with leggings and an oversized sweater or coat. For such a classic boot, Timberlands are flexible and can be worked into anyone’s style. Timberland heeled boots are a little different, meant to be styled up for a bolder look.

Timberland boots can also be worn for function, keeping your feet dry and protected through the rain, snow and cold weather. You can also wear Timberlands for outdoor activities, like hiking or working in the yard.

UGG Boots for Women

UGG boots have become the top choice for women who want both comfort and warmth from their boots. Great for walking to grab a coffee, running errands, traveling, and generally just keeping warm through the winter months, UGG boots have become a staple in women’s fashion. But it’s not just about the classic UGGs anymore. UGG offers a variety of style for women to choose from.

Here, we’ll take you through some of the most popular UGG boots, from the classics to Shaye Boots and newer styles.

UGG Classic Boots

This is the look most people associate with women’s UGGs. The UGG Classic boot really put UGGs on the map. It’s a simple, clean look, but the real benefit here is comfort. UGGs are plush on the inside, like pillows for your feet. They’re also super warm, like quilts for your feet. Basically, Classic Short UGG boots are downright cozy beds for your feet. You can wear them with leggings and jeans for casual look, but keep in mind, they will keep you warm in the winter, but they do not do well with rain and snow.

UGG Shaye Boots

UGG Shaye Boots are a classic rain boot. They have a glossy outer, they’re waterproof, and they even have the classic UGG sheepskin insole. UGG Shaye Boots can be worn just like any other rain boots — with jeans, leggings, dresses, shorts. Basically, when you want to keep dry, Shaye Boots are the move.

UGG Moccasins and Slippers

UGG moccasins offer warmth, comfort and style and are easy to slip-on making them ideal for running errands indoors or outdoors.It’s made with a water-resistant suede with a fur-lining ensuring durability, fashion and warmth on the sofa and the street.

UGG Fashion and Comfort

Apart from the classics and the Shaye rain boots, UGG offers other styles for women. You can check out the Women’s Bonham Boots, with a high-heeled design and water-resistant leather instead of the soft outer on most UGGs. You can also try the UGG Women’s Lorna Boots with a slight wedge on the heel, asymmetrical upper, and leather outer. Both of these styles, while they appear different than the classics, have the same wool interior for that signature UGG comfort.