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Vans’ reach and influence has extended far beyond its humble origins in Southern California to become one of the most classic shoe brands in the world. In short, Vans’ longevity can be attributed to knowing when to keep things simple. By choosing to focus on fully functional, aesthetically pleasing profiles, they have stayed true to their skateboarding roots while bringing the culture into the mainstream. Basically, there’s no bad time for a pair of Vans - on or off the board.

Vans SK8-HI Shoes

Vans’ SK8-HI revolutionized the game by introducing a high top profile that delivered better protection and comfort for skateboarders from the constant wear-and-tear of typical skate shoes. Vans Sk8-Hi is also significant as the second model to feature Vans’ classic side stripe. The high top SK8-HI changed the way skateboarders shopped for shoes until well into the early ‘90s.

Vans Old Skool

Debuting in 1978, the Old Skool is the first Vans shoe to feature the classic side stripe. By this time, the Van Dorens had established their brand as the go-to for skate shoes around Southern California. This is thanks in part to the unbeatable grip on the waffle soles of the shoes, including the Old Skool. As time would tell, this was only the beginning for Vans, as their popularity and reach were steadily growing and building around shoes like the Old Skool.

Authentic Vans Shoes

Like most businesses, Vans started small. It might be hard to imagine, but in 1966 the entire company was run out of one space. This means that their manufacturing plant also served as their retail space. But under these circumstances the Authentic was born. Holding the distinction as Vans’ first silhouette is impressive on its own, but couple that with Vans’ longevity and you have a sneaker that comes around once in a lifetime. Often imitated but never matched, Authentics make the classic skate and lifestyle crossover shoe.

Vans Shoes For Men, Women and Kids

Vans’ classic vulcanized midsole and signature waffle outsole might be the perfect combination for skateboarding, but Vans shoes are perfect for anyone trying to simplify their style. Whether you’re keeping it low-profile with a pair of Authentics, or reaching for new heights in a pair of Sk8-His, Vans won’t ever fail to add a timeless cool to your look. Other shoes like the Era 59, Slip-ons and low top chukka boots have been the go-to for men’s, women’s and kid’s style for years.

Vans Clothing

Vans apparel mixes skate-influenced pieces with casual staples to create a unique line that further speaks to the ethos they established back in 1966. Whether it’s a signature T-shirt created by one of Vans riders or a collection from Vans in-house designers, you know you’re getting an authentic product that’s heavily rooted in the culture Vans has helped shape and pioneer for so many years. Vans’ “Off The Wall” line is ubiquitous in all apparel, from shirts to socks to hats.

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