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Shoes and sneaker cleaners is essential if you want to keep your shoes fresh from day one. Of course, the best sneaker cleaner for you depends on what kind of shoes you wear. You’ll need suede shoe cleaner for suede shoes. For particular brands, like UGG and Timberland, there are specific care kits available. Whether you’re looking for shoe sprays, liquids, brushes, waterproofers or something else, shop the KicksUSA selection of shoe cleaners and protectors to find it.

Best Shoe & Sneaker Cleaner

Like we said before, there is no definitive best shoe cleaner. Shoe cleaning is like cleaning everything else—everyone has their own methods and they all get the job done to different degrees. Some do it proactively with water proofers, shoe crease protectors and stain repellents. Others do it retroactively with shoe cleaner, sprays and brushes. Most sneakerheads do both.

If you want to protect your shoes fresh from the box, it’s better to be proactive and find the best shoe protector spray. Crep protector spray or Jason Markk Repel, for example, both make great choices when you’re looking for something to protect your shoes before something happens.

If you’re looking to clean up a mess, big or small, after the fact, it’s best to have instant shoe cleaner and a shoe cleaning brush. Shoe cleaning brushes allow you to get a more thorough clean to remove stains, scuffs and other damage.

This can get especially tricky for more delicate materials, like suede shoes. For shoes like this, you need a dedicated suede shoe cleaner or a suede shoe brush. It’s a bit of a more involved process to remove stains from suede shoes, so here’s a word of obvious advice: try not to get stains on suede shoes!

Sneaker & Shoe Protector Spray

We mentioned this above, but sneaker and shoe protector sprays are more of a proactive measure than shoe cleaners. They aim to prevent stains before they happen, so it’s different than scrubbing them with a shoe cleaning brush after a stain already happens.

While it’s always great to have an instant shoe cleaner on hand, it’s even better to not need it. Use sneaker and shoe protector spray and stain repellents, and worry less about where you step.

Shoe Cleaners for UGG Boots

UGGs are notoriously difficult to remove stains from. This is why it’s important to have an UGG care kit or cleaner on hand to remove any stains or scuffs as they happen. UGG shoe cleaners and care kits are specially formulated for the UGG material, so you know you’re getting the best results. Ugg cleaners like the Sheepskin Cleaning Kit comes with 3 separate shoe cleaning solutions and brushes to ensure the proper care for suede boots.

Timberland Shoe Cleaner

Some brands are so unique that it just makes sense for them to have their own cleaners. Timberland, like UGG, is one of these brands. Make sure your suede or leather Timberland boots are clean and have a dedicated shoe cleaning brush for them.

Shop Shoe Cleaners & Kits

KicksUSA has a wide selection of shoe and sneaker cleaners and protectors. So whether you’re looking to keep your fresh pair of Nike Air Max clean as the day you bought them or you want to clean your Timberland boots or UGGs after a stain or scuff, KicksUSA has what you need.