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Saucony shoes used to be the best kept secret of the running world, and now that the secret’s out, they’re the best keep secret in street style. At its core, though, Saucony is still a running shoes brand, and every model is made with that in mind. So whether you’re walking, running or just want to wear some fashion-forward sneakers, you’ll always be comfortable in a pair of Sauconys.

Saucony Shoes & Sneakers for Men, Women and Kids

Saucony shoes are designed for motion and comfort, but that shouldn’t discount style. With a streamlined look, eclectic colorways and original design, it’s hard not to take note of what Saucony has been doing over the years.

Each shoe is designed for a specific purpose, whether that be racing, walking or running. Shoes are designed with a runner or walker’s foot shape, size, arch type and motion in mind. On the style side, casual Saucony shoes have an original look that is distinctly recognizable among other shoe brands.

This sentiment goes for men’s, women’s and kids shoes alike, so whether you’re buying casual shoes, runners or trainers, you know you’re getting something unique.

Saucony Running Shoes

Saucony running shoes came to fame when America’s Frank Shorter won gold in the marathon during the 1972 Summer Olympics while wearing a pair of Sauconys. It’s easy to say that the rest is history, but that’s really not true—as time went on, Saucony steadily improved its products.

Each pair of Saucony running shoes targets a specific activity. Some are made for sprinters, others are made for long-distance runners and so forth. The technology and design of each shoe has a purpose. Sprinters wear more lightweight flexible shoes, while long-distance runners have more support and durability.

This is especially important for men, women and kids who take running seriously. If you need a shoe that is built for a specific need, try a pair of Saucony running shoes.

Saucony Shoes for Style

Saucony also makes more casual tennis shoes for everyday wear. These are more cushioned than the lightweight running shoes, which makes them more suitable for walking. They’re also more stylish, made to be worn with denim, joggers, sweats or leggings.

These shoes are perfect for sneakerheads who are looking for something a little different. Each pair includes a unique design with the Saucony logo across the outers. Saucony sneakers also have a lot of interesting colorways that experiment with colors you typically don’t see paired together. A lot of them also have gum soles, which only adds to the style as well as the durability.

Where Are Saucony Shoes Made?

Saucony shoes were originally made in a factory near Kutztown, Pennsylvania, along the banks of Saucony Creek, starting in 1898. The company was bought by Hyde Athletic Industries, the makers of the PF Flyers, in the late 1960s and moved to Cambridge, Massachusetts. As Saucony’s success in the running world took off, Hyde Athletic Industries changed its name to Saucony to represent its most successful brand.

In 2012, the company was acquired by Wolverine World Wide along with several other sneaker brands, though its headquarters remains in Lexington, Massachusetts.

Where To Buy Saucony Shoes

You can find a wide selection of Saucony Shoes in men’s, women’s and kids sizes at KicksUSA. So whether you’re looking for a pair of casual shoes or some new runners, shop KicksUSA’s collection of Saucony shoes.

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