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High Energy Return. Low Profile

The Nike Zoom technology is a unit of cushioning that’s hidden inside the shoe to deliver a low-profile, lightweight, responsive cushioning for sports that involve speed, fast cuts and quickness off the mark.


Lightweight cushioning allows for increased performance without sacrificing protective cushioning.

Low Profile

Keeps you close to the ground for increased stability and control.


Durable, responsive cushioning for fast off-the-mark movements offering among the highest energy return of all Nike Air units.


It’s ability to be tuned to the specification of the sport makes it ideal for all styles of play.

How It Works

The unique responsiveness of Nike Zoom cushioning comes from the tensile fibers placed inside a pressurized Nike Air unit. The tension that holds the unit together incredibly thin and is hidden inside the shoe making for a low profile silhouette that offers long lasting cushioning.

How does the Nike Zoom benefit athletes?

Nike Zoom technology is the ultimate in low-profile cushioning and responsiveness. Depending on where the cushioning unit is placed, how thick and for what sport, the benefits and advantages differ.

Nike Zoom Running Shoes

Nike Zoom shoes are well suited for faster-paced runners thanks to the high energy return and low profile.

Field Sports

As a result of the tensile fibers, the Nike Zoom cushioning provides improved ground feel that that enhances control and stability

Nike Zoom for Basketball

As hoop shoes, Nike Zoom cushioning offers the responsiveness quick-footed players need for fast cuts.

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