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Nike Roshe One Shoes

First released in 2012, the Nike Roshe One is a shoe made with the concept of minimalism in mind. Roshe technology is meant to be simple and clean, using only what was necessary and getting rid of the rest. With its minimalistic approach, the Roshe One is lightweight, breathable, comfortable, and affordable featuring heel support and light cushioning without excess bulk. It was made before the time when a lot of those concepts weren’t valued as highly for performance shoes. Originally named the Roshe Run, the Ones are the foundation of Roshe line, a predecessor to the Roshe Two and a newer staple of the Nike brand.

Nike Roshe One History

The Roshe One was created by designer Dylan Raasch. It was born from the concept of bringing in Nike quality at a lower price point, and that’s the motive behind its minimal design. Raasch said inspiration came from “Roshi,” a title given to a master of Zen Buddhism. Nike actually had to change the name from Roshi to Roshe for legal reasons, but for the smooth style and simplistic design of the Roshe Ones, the sentiment is a perfect fit. With unnecessary elements removed, the shoe has more balance than you’ll find with a lot of modern sneakers and a cleaner look.

Are Nike Roshe good for running?

The Roshe Ones really do fit wherever they’re placed. They are versatile and comfortable for everyday casual wear. You can dress them up or wear them with sweats. You can walk, workout, chill, or even meditate in them.

When it comes to running, Roshe performs well for short runs, but it’s lightweight build does not provide sufficient traction for high-intensity workouts or long-distance running.

Priced between $75- $90, Nike Roshe is an affordable lifestyle shoe that blends fashion and performance. They’re a good bet for men, women or kids who are looking for casual sneakers that can double as a performance trainer. Find your zen from a ton of different colorways in flyknit or mesh construction.

Ultra-light and Breathable Shoes

The Roshes have lightweight soles and a soft cushioned collar for ankle comfort. The waffle outsole patterns are designed for better stability, featuring an EVA compound that combines usual shoe elements of a cushioned midsole and rubber bottom into one. All in all, these design points make the Roshe Ones everything they were designed to be—simple, yet versatile shoes.

Even if you’re not a Zen master, your feet can find inner peace in a pair of Roshe Ones. Keep it simple and shop KicksUSA’s selection of Roshe Ones for men, women and kids.

Are Nike Roshe true to size?

Nike Roshe Run fits true to size and is suitable for people with wide feet. The shoe is incredibly light and airy, molding to your feet for a weightless feel.

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