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Kid's New Arrivals

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1-36 of 176 products

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If you’re looking for the latest in trendy kids clothes, you need to look toward the brands that started them. Nike, adidas, Jordan and other popular kids activewear brands have always set the standard for what’s cool in kids sneakers and clothing. If you want to keep your kids up on the latest sneakers and new releases, shop kids’ new arrivals at KicksUSA.

New & Popular Kids Shoes

Kids shoes matter. Whether they’re just starting to play sports and need something to keep their feet safe or they’re heading back to class after summer break, what kids wear on their feet is important.

Kids are intuitive. They pay attention to what new Nike shoes are coming out this year or when the next new kids Jordan shoes are going to drop. They’re not just watching NBA stars like LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Kevin Durant and Kobe Bryant, but they’re also paying attention to their style, what they say on social media and how they interact with fans. You better believe they’re also watching the calendar for new basketball shoes from these guys.

For some kids, the same goes for new shoes in general. KicksUSA’s website is made for these kids. When you’re on the new arrivals page, not only can you browse the latest releases in shoes and clothing, but you can also see what is coming soon. When a popular shoe is going to be released within the week, we have a countdown that tracks the days, hours, minutes and seconds before it drops. In addition, you can also keep a tab on upcoming shoe releases on our sneaker release calendar.

This way, kids who want to buy those new Nike shoes or new Jordans can be ready as soon as the clock hits zero. The latest sneaker drops is especially important for older kids, like teenagers, who are starting to express their creativity and personalities through the shoes and clothes they wear.

Trendy Kids Clothes & Activewear

The kids new arrivals section isn’t just limited to shoes and sneakers—you can also get new releases for kids clothing, with a focus on the top activewear brands. You can check out Jordan hoodies and Nike sweatsuits for kids and shop the latest adidas gear or grab something from brands like Under Armour and The North Face.

What you find really all depends on how frequently you check back to the kids new releases. KicksUSA is constantly bringing in new products as they become available, and the more you stay up on it, the more you’ll be able to jump on new products as they’re released.

In addition to kids clothing and shoes, you can also check out accessories, like hats, gloves, socks and more.

New Kids Sneakers, Shoes, Clothes & More

As kids get older, what they wear becomes more important. It’s an expression of creativity and uniqueness. It allows them an outlet for individuality and self-expression. By letting your kids choose from new releases, you’re not just getting the best—you’re also giving your kids more options.

KicksUSA has the best selection of new kids sneakers and clothing. Shop our selection of new arrivals and find the latest in cool, trendy activewear and shoes for kids.