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Men's Shoes and Sneakers

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1-36 of 447 products

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Finding the best men’s shoes to fit your style always feel harder than it needs to. You want to look good, but that shouldn’t be the end of it. You want shoes with a little versatility. Your shoes should be good for walking, supportive for running, casual enough for a night out and comfortable enough for all-day wear. Maybe you want a pair of high top sneakers or a pair of waterproof boots for your next adventure. Whatever you’re looking for, KicksUSA has the best online selection of men’s shoes, sneakers and boots to check all your boxes.

Men’s Shoes, Boots and Sneakers for Comfort

One thing that too many men overlook when looking for a new pair of shoes is comfort. You shouldn’t talk yourself into a pair of shoes if it doesn’t match your lifestyle. Think about the things you do. If you do a lot of walking, a pair of casual men’s New Balance shoes is probably a good bet. If you work outside in the elements, Timberland boots are a smart choice. If you live an active lifestyle, adidas and Nike make stylish men’s sneakers that toe the line between casual everyday activities and athletics.

But apart from style, for men’s shoes to be comfortable, you really need to focus on fit. Some of this will seem obvious, but people overlook these things all the time. When you’re shopping for men’s shoes, don’t just pick shoes based on the size marked on the shoe—focus instead on the way it fits.

If you’re trying a shoe on for the first time, try walking around a bit. The shoe should be shaped like your foot, with the widest part of shoe supporting the ball of your foot. One mistake men always make, especially with sneakers, is expecting undersized shoes to stretch to fit their feet. It’s not gonna happen.

If you’re shopping online and trying a new brand, the best way to go about this is to read shoe reviews, or better yet, details from the manufacturer. This will give you a better idea of small or large the shoes run. With a little research, finding the comfort and fit for men’s shoes is really easy.

Men’s Shoes, Boots and Sneakers for Casual Style

The best way to choose a style, like we said before, is thinking about how you’re going to use the shoes. It doesn’t make sense to wear men’s boots if you work in an office, live in a warm climate and don’t enjoy hiking. For that, you should think about breathable, supportive shoes.

The second best way to choose a style is the eye test. You might just really like the way the way adidas NMDs look. Then you need to be looking into the details and seeing if they can work as a pair of casual shoes for you.

If you’re into high top sneakers, there’s no good reason to browse low top Converse shoes. Look around and hone in your style, then search for a pair of men’s shoes that fits both your comfort and style guidelines.

Men’s Shoes, Boots and Sneakers for Sports and Lifestyle

This goes along with style—when you’re picking shoes, find a pair that aligns with the way you live. If you do work in manual labor, it makes sense to wear boots. If you’re heading to the gym right after work, a pair of adidas or Nike shoes can be dressed up to be appropriate for a lot of jobs.

If you like the look or feel of a shoe, get it in a couple different colorways or try the same brand in a different style. That gives you flexibility with your shoes and boots in a way that having just one pair won’t.

Shop KicksUSA’s collection of men’s shoes, boots and sneakers to find the best match for your lifestyle.