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Men's Joggers, Pants & Sweats

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Sweatpants and Joggers For Men

Sweatpants and joggers have always been standard for men’s athletics, but they’ve now become the new normal in men’s casual wear. Casual sweat pants have become an integral piece to men’s pants rotations, even outside of playing sports or working out. They aren’t worn just for on-court performance - joggers, sweatpants and track pants can be dressed up or down for street style fashion. Shop our collection of men’s casual pants from top brands like adidas and Nike to explore a more dressed down style.

The Difference Between Sweatpants and Joggers

The main thing is that joggers usually have an elastic cuff at the ankle that prevents the material of the pants from spilling over onto your sneakers or shoes. Joggers can come in pretty much any fabric—the name is more about the fit and style than the material used to make the pants.

Joggers also have a fit similar to tapered skinny jeans. They’re loose at the top and taper as they come down the leg. They also usually have a lower inseam than traditional sweatpants. Basically, they’re more “fitted” than sweats.

Sweatpants are more about the material. Sweats are usually made of warm, cotton jersey. They typically have a drawstring at the waist. Most men wear sweats as loungewear, but they’re suitable for the gym or jogging. They’re thicker than joggers, meant to keep your legs warm in the colder weather.

There is some areas where the two overlap—for example, joggers made of sweatpants material. Calling these either “sweatpants” or “joggers” would not be a misnomer. They fall into more of a gray area.

Men’s Sweats, Joggers and Track Pants for Style

When people think about track pants, a lot of them think about a matching suit like an adidas tracksuit. But track pants fall into a category similar to joggers. They’ve recently gone through a style resurgence, and a lot of brands, like Puma, are fully embracing it for men’s fashion.

Track pants, like sweatpants, are all about the material. They’re heavier than mesh and silky soft to the touch. They can be tapered at the ankle or fall over your sneakers. They’re typically more breathable and lighter than sweatpants. But there’s a range of styles available for men’s track pants, and no standard fit.

Nike, adidas, and Puma for Men’s Joggers, Sweats and Track Pants

Nike Pants Styles for Men

Nike has been in the business of making high-quality men’s sweatpants long before joggers became trendy. Nike now makes fleece jogger pants, traditional sweatpants with sweat-wicking materials and styles with a more modern look. Nike also makes windrunner pants. Windrunners are made with the same material you would find on a windbreaker jacket.

adidas Pants Styles for Men

Pants from adidas typically fall more in line with soccer style. Soccer pants have always had the more tapered ankle, a look that becomes more fitted as it goes down your legs. This has been a popular look in men’s style for a long time. It allows the same comfort and flexibility as track pants, but stops the materials from falling over your shoe.

Puma Pants Styles for Men

KicksUSA carries Puma track pants that have the jogger-style elastic cuff at the ankle. Puma has been re-emerging lately as a top brand for sneakers, and is taking that momentum into men’s casual wear as well.

Step up your style and shop KicksUSA’s selection of men’s pants today.