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The ideal performance jacket should have some versatility. They should be breathable enough to wear in the fall, when the weather is more all over the place, and warm enough for a winter night. That’s not always possible, but sometimes you find that perfect jacket that can be worn for lightweight warmth or as a layer in more severe weather conditions. Most men like to switch it up—that’s why there’s windbreakers, bombers, and lighter jackets for the fall, and heavier winter coats when the temperature drops.

Men’s Windbreakers for Waterproof and Windproof Protection

When you need protection from rain, choose a lightweight shell that protects you from the elements while keeping you ventilated. To keep yourself warm from gusty winds or the slight wind chill in the air, choose a warmer soft shell jacket that combines the comfort of a sweatshirt and the water-resistant technology of a hard-shell jacket. These are versatile to be worn all-season keeping you protected in mild weather conditions and warm in cold weather.

Jackets aren’t just about keeping warm though. You need to look good, too. You shouldn’t have to sacrifice style to get the weather protection you need. For windbreakers, bombers, and rain jackets, you should have options, and those options should run through a range of different looks. Try out a Nike windbreaker or a Puma bomber if you’ve got a more casual, athletic look. Go for a clean, simple heavier winter jacket if you live in a colder climate.

It’s all about matching what you need, and KicksUSA’s collection of trendy yet functional windbreakers, soft shells and waterproof jackets can keep you protected no matter the weather.

Men’s Lightweight Jackets for Performance and Workouts

If you live somewhere where the weather gets cold, and you still want to get your run in, you need to gear up with something a little warmer than a windbreaker. You’ll need a jacket that can keep you warm and protect you from the elements so you can continue on your routine uninterrupted.

Even if you’re going to the gym, the court, or the field, you need something that can keep you warm on the way there and back. A heavier windbreaker might do the trick, but if you live in a colder climate, you might have to layer up for additional warmth with a fleece lined jacket like the Nike Tech Fleece Collection or a insulated jacket from The North Face Collection.

Men’s Jackets and Coats for Comfort and Warmth

This should be one of the first things men consider when looking for a jacket or coat, but often it’s the last. If a jacket isn’t warm enough, it’s not doing its job. If a jacket isn’t comfortable, there’s no point in having it. It’s as plain and simple as that.

That’s why KicksUSA carries a collection from top brands to ensure quality and comfort, no matter what style you go with. Shop our collection of softshells, wind jackets and performance shells and be ready for any season.