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Men's Hats

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Men’s hats come in all shapes and sizes. There’s fitted hats, dad hats, snapbacks, beanies and more. But if you’re looking for the best online store for men’s hats, look no further. KicksUSA has a wide selection of hats for men from top brands like Nike, New Era, Mitchell & Ness, Jordan, adidas and more.

Men’s Fitted Hats

Men’s fitted hats bring a more traditional look. You might want something to rep your team, your city or just to add a little flare to your style. No matter what it is, our collection of fitted hats has you covered.

Fitted hats are typically measured by the eighth inch, so they’re fitted almost exactly to the width of your head. They’re also more flat-brimmed than other styles but can be adjusted or worn in to fit your look. KicksUSA carries brands that specialize in fitted hats, including New Era and Mitchell & Ness.

Mens’ Strapback Dad Hats

Dad hats have been gaining popularity in modern style recently, and for good reason. Typically, men’s dad hats are adjustable hats with strapbacks to control for fit. They’re also usually canvas or cotton with a slight curve to the brim.

These most resemble baseball caps, but are often embroidered with teams logos from any sport, brands, icons, images or simple patches. In modern style, they’re often worn a little loose and have an extended brim. Popular brands like adidas and Nike have been getting into the dad hat game recently, and the hype is still on its way up.

The reason for the name is simple: these resemble a hat your dad might wear when he’s coaching a baseball team, doing yard work, fixing the car or vacationing on a beach. You get the idea.

Men’s Snapback hats

Snapbacks are larger baseball caps that usually have a flatter brim than other styles. Like the strapback, men’s snapback hats are adjustable on the back. But instead of a strap, they have two pieces of plastic that snap together to fit different head sizes.

Men’s snapback hats often have team logos embroidered on them, but it doesn’t end there. They can be made with the symbol of a brand, have artistic designs or, really, anything else.

Men’s Knit Hats & Beanies

Men’s knit hats and beanies are the go-tos for the winter months. They allow you to keep your head and ears warm during freezing temperatures, snowstorms or any other inclimate weather. Beanies have become a staple in sports that are played outside in colder weather, like football. For that, they’ve also become a popular choice for sports fans who want to rep their teams in the winter weather.

Knit hats and beanies have also just become popular in men’s style. You don’t have to be rooting for a team to wear one—beanies are also made in plain colors as well as embroidered with brand logos or other images. Whatever you want to represent, it’s probably on a beanie.

Men’s Runners Hats

Brands like Nike, Jordan and adidas make hats suitable for running. These are either elastic or adjustable, but are used to keep the sun out of your eyes or hair out of your face while you’re running and jogging.

These hats, in many ways, resemble dad hats, but ultimately the material is what sets them apart. Runners hats can be made of elastic materials like nylon or breathable, flexible materials to catch sweat and adjust with the movements of your head while you’re working out.

Shop Men’s Hats

As you can see, there are a lot of different options when it comes to men’s hats. Shop the KicksUSA collection and find the perfect hat for whatever you do.