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Men’s fitted hats are made for supreme comfort and convenience. You can wear one to support your favorite sports teams, including teams from the MLB, NBA, NFL and NHL. This is the most common way people wear fitted hats, but it’s not the only way. Men’s fitted hats can represent your city, a design you love or a brand logo, including Jordan, adidas, Fila, Nike and more. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of fitted hats for men and find the best hat for your style.

Fitted Hats for Men’s Style

Fitted hats are best-known for their role in sports culture. Brands like Mitchell & Ness and New Era specialize in making authentic team gear for fans, and that includes fitted hats. But fitted hats have transcended sports culture into fashion. The New York Yankees hat, for example, has become a symbol of New York City culture and street style. That’s the most prominent example, but there are plenty more.

A fitted hat can be worn with almost anything. Typically, they work best with a more casual look. Unless you’re a celebrity, icon or it’s draft night and you’re an NBA prospect, you’re not often going to be wearing a fitted hat with a tailored suit. Fitted hats do, however, pair well with casual jackets, T-shirts, denim, sneakers and any combination of these items. That’s one of the great things about fitted hats—there’s no standardized style. You can wear one however you think is best.

What’s Your Fitted Hat Size?

Fitted hat sizes are typically done by the eighth of an inch. If you’re looking for a more general range, typically sizes 6 ⅞ through 7 ½ are in the small-medium range; sizes 7 ¼ through 7 ¾ are in the medium-large range; sizes 7 ⅝ through 8 are in the large-extra large range.

Of course, it’s not advisable to take a guess on your size. All of these sizes correspond to precise inch measurements, which are calculated by the circumference of the hat’s band. The size of your head determines how wide the band needs to be.

Best practice is trying on fitted hats in person to get your precise size. But once you know your size, you can use that to guide all future purchases.

Fitted Hats to Support Your Sports Team

Fitted hats are most prominent in sports. MLB players actually wear them on the field, NFL players wear them on the bench, MLB and NBA players wear them after the game. Fans have the option to buy fitted hats as they are, in the team colors.

They can also buy hats in a color they choose, as manufacturers make sports fitted hats in all different colors and styles. For example, if you’re a Phillies fan, but want to buy a black fitted hat, you can do that while still keeping the Phillies logo on the front. This is common practice for men’s fitted caps. It gives fans more variety to choose from.

Men’s Fitted Caps for Sale

Whether you’re looking to support your team, try a new style or add more to your existing look, fitted hats can get the job done. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of fitted hats for men and find whatever you’re looking for.