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Men's Basketball Shoes & Sneakers

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1-36 of 125 products

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We know you can finish at the rim like Kyrie Irving. You can drain threes from half-court like Steph Curry. You’ve got the LeBron James chase-down block on lock. You’ve worked on your Kevin Durant hesitation pull-up your entire life. You keep cool in the clutch like Jordan. You’ve got the Mamba mentality. The playground is sacred, the gym is your temple, and you always keep a ball in your trunk. Now you just need the shoes to match your game.

KicksUSA men’s basketball shoes collection is geared for this kind of player—the rec league stars hooping after work, the young men playing high school ball, dreaming of turnaround fadeaways as the clock hits zero, and the college power forwards grinding it out, waiting for their chance to get some shine.

These shoes are for the guys who just love the game.

But just because you’re not playing in the NBA, doesn’t mean you have to sacrifice style or performance when it comes to your basketball shoes. You need ankle support to be a lockdown defender. You need lightweight shoes to get above the rim. You need speed. You need style. You need the best.

You take basketball too seriously to be playing in some low-quality shoes. You want shoes that have the same drive as you—basketball shoes that can withstand the wear and tear of the playground, shoes you can wear through a whole season without losing support, shoes that reflect the legends of today or the old-school cool of the past.

Men’s Basketball Shoes with Ankle Support

Basketball players need shoes with ankle support to protect themselves from injury. This is a specific focus for some shoes, while others focus on flexibility and lightweight materials. If you want to protect your ankles, though, you should try one of these shoes.

Nike’s signature shoes from NBA stars usually do the trick. The Kyries and really any shoe from LeBron’s signature line are good choices. Certain retro models from the Air Jordan line also help with ankle support, like the Jordan VI and XIII. You can also try Nike Hyperdunks, adidas Crazy 8 ADV or Steph Curry’s signature shoes from Under Armour.

Basketball Shoes with The Best Grip

Finding basketball shoes with the best grip is all about the soles and outsoles. For this, signature shoes from Kyrie Irving, Kobe Bryant, Steph Curry, and James Harden are perfect fits. Brands like Nike and adidas consistently put extra focus on grip and traction.

Are Basketball Shoes Good for Running?

Basketball shoes should not be used for distance running. They’re designed for traction on wood floors, not for trails, track and parks. Basketball shoes are also not equipped to absorb the contact of a constant running motion. It’s best to use running shoes instead.

NBA Players with Their Own Signature Shoes

When you reach the level of NBA players like LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Steph Curry, Kyrie Irving, James Harden and even Michael Jordan, you get your own signature shoe. These NBA players shoes all have their own style and feel.

If you need heavy high-tops for support, mid-top shoes for flexibility, or lightweight low-top kicks for performance, KicksUSA has the signature shoe to hook you up. It doesn’t matter if you’re a casual NBA fan or a hardcore hoops junkie, at the end of the day, basketball shoes are for everyone.

Whether you’re a center, point guard, power forward or just have a mild sneaker obsession, you can dominate the court and the streets with our collection of men’s basketball shoes created and inspired by the NBA’s greatest. KicksUSA also carries a huge selection of old-school mens basketball shoes inspired by the legends of NBA’s past, like the Converse All-Stars.

Performance and Style Intertwined

A lot of men won’t admit it, but sneakerheads always will—basketball shoes are about fashion and street style, too.

You don’t have to play basketball to wear Nike shoes. It’s not everyday you see someone lace up a pair of Air Jordan retros and hit the court. A lot of new styles are geared more for both streetwear and athletic wear so you can lace them up with sweatpants, denim and chinos. There’s also a ton of crossover between basketball and other sports.

KD shoes are lightweight enough for speed training and sleek enough to wear for a jog. Under Armour made Steph Curry basketball shoes dynamic enough to crossover to training. Kyrie Irving and Kobe Bryant both have shoes that were made for performance and style, with both holding equal importance.

Even the most hardcore basketball players would be lying to themselves if they say style doesn’t play into the kind of shoes they wear. NBA stars influence fashion, too, and that’s definitely a huge part of the focus with their shoe lines.

James Harden shoes have boost cushioning, a wraparound tongue for a secure fit, a toe cap for protection, TPU midsole wrap for foot stability, a specially engineered tread pattern for extra grip, but don’t think for a second the off-kilter tongue and lacing design wasn’t inspired by Harden’s style.

Kyrie Irving’s shoes are designed to handle his speedy footwork and handles, his hesitation dribbles, his quick first step. They have a forefoot band that keeps the foot secure, a TPU skin for support and durability, a Zoom Air unit for cushioning, pods to help with traction when he’s cutting to the tin. But the look and design are sleek enough to have cross-appeal to the fashion world.

LeBron James shoes have a triple-layered upper and a mesh bootie for secure fit and stretch. They have Zoom Air in the heel and forefoot for comfort. They also draw the eyes in with their bold style and boot-like appearance. These shoes scream dominance, and that’s something that appeals to a lot of basketball players and people in the street fashion world as well.

Remember, it’s not always just about the shoes. It’s how you wear them, whether you’re on the court or off the court. It’s about how you use them to make your game, or your style, better. At KicksUSA, we recognize that sneakers are about more than performance, although that should be held to the highest standard. But it’s also about expressing yourself.

What Are the Best Basketball Shoes?

The best basketball shoes for each player depends on the individual. Some people like lightweight shoes for quick bursts. Others go for ankle support for mixing it up in the post. What’s best for you really depends on your game.

That’s why KicksUSA keeps a wide selection of men’s basketball shoes, to give them options when it comes to their footwear. So however you play, there’s something here for you.