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New Balance 990 Shoes

While trends come and go, some sneakers leave a permanent impression on and off the streets. The New Balance 990 shoes is one that fits into this description, with the current silhouette now more than 30 years old. The 990 was originally born from a challenge issued to the New Balance design team by Chairman Jim Davis. They were asked to create the most innovative running shoe in the industry. The result was the launch of the New Balance 990 in 1982 - one of the most advanced performance sneakers of its time.

Priced at $100 USD, the New Balance 990’s original price point was a step above the others. Despite its high price, demand outstripped supply with the shoe selling over 50,000 pairs in the first six months. Over the years, its popularity has continued to soar selling well over 10 million pairs to date. It cultivated a loyal fan-base and has grown to become a staple performance running shoe for people around the world. Its classic aesthetic, clean simplicity and tonal colors has transcended trends allowing the style to be celebrated well beyond its 30 year legacy.

Its current silhouettes are priced between $150 - $200 for men and women. Kids styles are priced between $60 - $100.

New Balance 990 as a Dad Shoe Trend

While the popularity of the New Balance 990 series originated in the streets, in recent years the style has resurged from an athletic shoe to an urban fashion necessity. With the introduction of the “dad shoe” trend, the popularity of the New Balance 990v4 sneaker series in particular has risen sharply among fashion crowds and sneakerheads alike.

Fashion-savvy millennials are starting to wear the same pair of sneakers as their parents, favoring chunky sneakers over sock-like primeknit shoes. It’s now common to see families, from grandparents to little kids all repping a pair of New Balance 990 sneakers. Being one of the few sneakers that is “Made in USA” is yet another distinction for the brand that adds to its desirability.

New Balance 990 on Feet

New Balance 990 shoes shoes have been attested by customers worldwide for its durability, performance, comfort and quality. It features innovative technology that did not exist in previous New Balance models such as a heel motion control device. Despite its chunky look, the shoe is also surprisingly lightweight making it ideal to be worn as an everyday sneaker.

New Balance 990 for Running

The 990 provides runners and casual wearers the perfect combination of cushioning and stability, wrapped up in a look that will last forever. The 990 series: 990v2, 990v3, 990v4 were built for performance and continues to stay true to its original principles as a running shoe designed with American craftsmanship.

New Balance 990v4 Shoes for Men, Women and Kids

From its cult-like following in the streets, to Steve Jobs go-to shoe, collaborations with fashion brands and now transcending its “dad shoe” status, the New Balance 990 has stood the test of time. Shop a pair of New Balance 990 sneakers at KicksUSA and you’ll be on trend for years to come. Available for men, women and kids in Grey, Black, North Sea, Angora, Faded Rose and more colorways.

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