Preschool Kids Boots

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Boots for Preschool Kids

Rain and snow are not going to stop preschool kids from going outside. They think they’re immune to the elements anyway, so their boots might as well be. Keep your kids’ feet safe by shopping brands like Nike, Timberland, UGG, and more. Whether they’re walking in the rain, going for a hike, or just heading to school, your kids deserve the best, and KicksUSA’s collection of boots for preschool kids has exactly what they need.

Preschool Kids Boots Built for the Weather - Timberland

When you’re looking for boots built for the weather, there’s a few things to keep in mind that applies to both boys and girls.

For one, there’s a huge difference between waterproof and water resistant. Timberland 6 Inch Classic Waterproof Boots, for example, block out all moisture from getting in, even during rain and snow conditions. In fact, most Timberland boots for preschool kids are waterproof, including the Timberland Field Boot and Timberland 6 Inch Premium Boot.

Waterproof is different than water-resistant because it completely locks out moisture, whereas water-resistant boots can be penetrated by rain and snow. Timberland boots are made to block the elements, and keep boys and girls safe.

Other things to consider are fit, height and comfort. When you’re shopping for kids boots, you should understand that a lot of this comes down to preference. Most Timberland boots for preschool kids come with a 6-inch heel because that’s the preferred height for most people, but other brands have all different sizes.

As for fit, your boots should feel secure and be worn in the proper size. A lot of times this will correlate directly to your sneaker size, but it’s always good to check product descriptions and reviews to see if boots run big or small.

Comfort is also a subjective thing, for the most part. Some people like the sturdy, heavy-duty feel of Premium Timberland boots, while others prefer the plush cushion of UGG boots.

Preschool Kids Boots Built for Walking - Nike

If your kids get bummed out about not being able to wear Nike Air Force Ones in the winter, these are the boots for them.

In addition to its extensive line of sneakers and apparel, Nike makes boots for both boys and girls. Nike Boots are designed to match the positive qualities of sneakers — they’re flexible, breathable, stylish, and versatile — but they’re built for the rain and snow of winter. They’re stylish enough to wear to school or just for general walking, too.

Nike boots, like the Air Max Goadome or the Nike Manoa in leather, are perfect for kids looking to mix Nike sneaker style with something a bit more practical for all seasons. Boots from Nike have the benefit of Nike technology, but mix it along with desirable traits of winter boots, like waterproof outers and increased support.

Preschool Kids Boots Built for Comfort - UGG

If you’ve ever worn a pair of UGGs, you know it’s like standing on a cloud. These are the perfect boots for boys and girls to wear to school. They’re warm, comfortable, easy to take on and off, and have a clean, presentable look.

The UGG selection is versatile, too. Parents can choose from the tall, fur-lined UGG Classic Boots, Ugg boots with bows like the UGG Bailey Bow Boots, Darrah Boots made with wool for superior warmth or casual chukkas like the UGG Neumel Boots. UGGs are both functional and fashionable for the rain, snow, and other cold weather conditions.