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Buying toddler or baby shoes is a big deal for every parent. They need shoes that are comfortable, protective and fit well as they learn to take their first steps. Whether it’s baby Nikes for an infant girl just starting to crawl or a fresh pair of Jordans for a toddler boy, your little one deserves the best. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of shoes and booties for infants, babies and toddlers and find the best fit for your boys and girls as they grow.

Finding the Right Fit For Baby and Toddler Shoes

It can be hard to gauge the right fit for baby and toddler shoes, but following these tips should make it a little easier.

If your boy or girl is just a baby, you should look for shoe sizes that are about a half-inch from the big toe to the tip of the shoes. A good way to quickly measure this is to use the width of your thumb as a gauge. You should also be looking for shoes that match the shape of the baby’s foot—baby feet are typically more square than rounded, so choosing a boxy shoe over an oval-shaped shoe is the way to go.

Baby and infant shoes should also be flexible and breathable to allow the feet to move freely in the shoe. The heel of the shoe should also fit comfortably and securely on the back of the baby’s foot to prevent it from sliding off or moving too much. Even though your boy or girl will be growing, it’s important to buy shoes that fit right now. You don’t want to go too big and buy shoes that are a poor fit.

For toddlers, fit is similar, but there are some differences. You want to measure both feet. If there’s a difference in size, it’s always better to buy shoes for the bigger foot. A good way to do this is going in-store for measurement, but you can do it at home and still buy online. When you’re doing this, you toddler should be standing and wearing socks that he or she usually will be wearing to give you a better gauge.

As with baby and infant shoes, the same half-inch rule applies to toddler shoe sizing. You also need to resist the temptation to buy larger shoes that your boy or girl will grow into. It’s better to invest in what’s good for them rather than try to save money on shoes.

Baby and Toddler Shoe Styles

Much of the time, baby and toddler shoes for boys and girls can be the same brands parents wear. You can shop Nike, Puma, adidas, Jordans and more. All of these brands, especially Nike and baby Jordans, have exclusive collections and full family styles for infants and toddlers. You can also shop popular boots in baby and toddler sizes.

Every parent wants to buy some fresh shoes for their little ones, but fit, comfort and protection will always be more important. Just make sure that you’re buying high-quality shoes. Most brands have a bunch of different styles geared toward boys and girls colors, too. For example, you can buy some pink Nike shoes for baby girls, blue adidas shoes for toddler boys or go neutral with a solid black or white colorway. It’s really just a matter of preference.

KicksUSA has a wide selection of brands and styles for small kids. Whether you’re looking for Puma, Nike, adidas, Jordan or something else, check out the collection of shoes and choose the best fit for your little boy or girl.