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Infant Shoes & Toddler Sneakers

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1-36 of 85 products

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A lot of parents make buying shoes for toddlers and infants more complicated than it needs to be. It’s easy to see why they overthink it, though. When your kids are that young, they’re developing so rapidly that you want them to be comfortable and secure so they stay on track. When it comes to finding the right shoes, a good way to ensure you’re getting top quality is by choosing trusted classics. From Nike kids and baby Jordans to adidas and Converse, you can find them all in the KicksUSA collection of classic shoes for babies and toddlers.

Casual Shoes for Boys & Girls

What’s cooler than a pair of baby chucks or a toddler who wears Air Force 1s? The answer is: very little. Classic casual sneakers like these make a great fit for toddlers and infants because the quality stays the same as the adult-sized shoes. The other bonus of being able to buy classic shoes for babies is that parents can get the same or a similar pair to match.

There are actually a ton of modern options for toddler and infant sneakers, too. Basketball classics like the Air Jordan line or LeBron James, Kyrie Irving, Steph Curry or Kevin Durant shoes are available in baby sizes. You can also get shoes like the Nike Air Presto, Huaraches or New Balance sneakers in toddler sizes.

So there’s absolutely no need to buy your toddlers and infants low-quality shoes when you can be giving them the best casual shoes for affordable prices. Shop everything from toddler high tops to the latest and greatest in girls and boys athletic sneakers with KicksUSA.

What to Look for in Casual Shoes for Babies & Infants

Finding the right fit for classic baby and toddler shoes is something a lot of parents struggle with, but again, it should be simpler than most people make it. Think about how you want your own shoes to fit, and then apply that to your baby or toddler.

Baby shoes should fit the same way shoes for men and women do, with a few exceptions. Conventional wisdom says that to save money, parents should buy infant and toddler sneakers a size too big to allow them to grow into them. This works if your kid is between two sizes, but when you’re intentionally buying shoes that are too big for your baby or toddler, you’re doing it completely wrong.

Sneakers for infants and toddlers’ casual shoes should fit for where they are now. This is especially important as they become more mobile. You want them to be comfortable as they walk and run for the first time, and sneakers will be important for that. Make sure that there’s a space about the length of a thumbnail between the front of the shoe and the baby’s longest toe.

The shoes should also be flexible on the sole and more or less fitted to the infant’s foot to allow for movement that resembles the natural barefoot walking motion.

The Best Casual Shoes for Toddler Boys & Girls

KicksUSA should be your first stop for infant and toddler casual shoes. Shop our selection of classic shoes from top brands and find the perfect style and fit for your little one.