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Toddlers, infants and newborns have sensitive feet that need to be protected, especially in the winter. Take them along on hikes, let them play through puddles on rainy days or just keep them warm through the winter with KicksUSA’s collection of winter, hiking and rain boots for babies on the go. Our signature collection of boots and booties for toddlers and infants includes offerings from top brands like Timberland, UGG, Nike and more.

Why Boots for Infants and Toddlers?

Your baby may get through up to two winter seasons before he or she ever takes a first step. You shouldn’t expect infants and toddlers to go trudging through snow that early on, but they will still need protection from the winter weather. A lot of parents might not know where to start.

A good place to begin is looking for warm, lightweight boots with some protection from rain and snow.

Baby Booties by Timberland and UGG

For infants, booties will be the right way to go. Booties are built for babies and infants who are crawling or just beginning to walk.

If you’re looking for a mix of comfort and protection, you can get your baby started young with some Baby Tims from Timberland. Baby Tims, like the Timberland Crib Bootie, are a scaled-down version of the heavy duty Timberland boots you usually see on adults. They’re soft and lightweight with a comfortable fit around the ankle and soft leather outsole for protection. No matter the age, your baby won’t be too young to stunt in some Baby Tims.

Another option is to go for a pair of baby UGGS. UGGs for babies might just be the perfect booties for infants and newborns. They’re the most comfortable booties available, and they’re warm enough to protect infants from cold winter weather. Especially for girls, there’s a wide selection of soft suede and fur-lined baby UGGs . You can check out some UGG Infant Jesse Grosgrain Bow Booties, UGG Infant Bixbee Boots or UGG Infant Lemmy Booties.

Whatever you choose, your baby will be looking fresh and feeling warm through the winter.

Boots for Toddlers by Timberland, UGG and Nike

Toddlers need a step up from the booties. Toddlers boots are modeled much the way adult boots are—they’re just little smaller.

Timberland makes its signature 6 Inch Classic Waterproof Boot for toddlers in colors including the classic wheat and black. Timberland also makes Field Boots for toddlers that look and feel exactly like the ones made for grownups, which is cool because parents and toddlers can find a pair that matches.

The same idea goes for UGG boots and Nike boots. Toddlers can rock the traditional K Classic UGGs or girls can go for something a little different like the Toddler Bailey Bow UGG boots.

Nike boots are designed to be like sneaker boots with styles like the toddler version of the ACG Air Max Goadome boots and the Nike Manoa. But for both UGG and Nike, the idea remains the same. These styles give parents an option to get boots for their toddlers from the same brands they wear, without sacrificing quality.