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Toddler & Infant Basketball Shoes

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1-36 of 45 products

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Even before they ever hit the court, you can gear up your infant or toddler with some fresh basketball shoes from Nike Kids, Baby Jordans, Under Armour and more. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of toddler and baby basketball shoes for boys and girls, and find the perfect sneakers for your star to-be.

Toddlers’ Basketball Shoes for Boys & Girls

Babies do dribble, but usually nowhere near a basketball hoop. They post up, but usually in a crib. So why should infant and toddlers wear basketball shoes in the first place? They don’t run, leap or cut until they get a little older, so buying toddler basketball shoes is more of a style thing. You can dress your baby or toddler in some iconic basketball shoes to help instill a love of basketball as he or she grows. You can also pick a pair in full family sizes to match your own as a way to bond. What’s cooler than a dad and his baby boy both rocking some full family sizes of the Nike Foamposites or Nike Uptempos!

Besides, the quality of basketball shoes won’t change just because you change sizes. When you choose top brands, babies and infants get the same quality shoes as adults.

Baby Basketball Shoes for Style, Safety & Protection

There is a lot to be said for getting a toddler quality basketball shoes.

For one, infants and toddlers are either crawling, just learning to walk or running for the first time. Shoes matter a lot for kids at that stage because they affect development. You want to get shoes that are built for walking with enough support to ensure safety and protection. Basketball shoes are made for running, jumping, quick cutting and changing direction. You get all of that protection when you buy basketball shoes for your toddler boy or girl.

Another thing to take note of is the structural support of basketball shoes. Typically, they’re heavier than kids running shoes and more durable than most casual shoes. They provide a solid foundation for developing more motor skills, and because they’re usually high-tops, they provide increased ankle support. That’s especially important because a lot of infants and toddlers don’t pay attention to where they’re moving. If they trip or walk on uneven surfaces, their ankles will be protected.

The Fit of Boys & Girls Toddler Basketball Shoes

Fitting is more important than most parents think. Especially because these shoes are so crucial to development of motor skills outside of basketball, it’s important that they fit now. A lot of parents try to save money by buying basketball shoes a size or two big as their kids are growing, so they can be worn for a longer period of time.

But this actually hurts development. The same way adults need shoes that fit to feel comfortable, infants and toddlers need that, too.

Lengthwise, toddler basketball shoes should fit the way any other shoes are supposed to–by leaving a space the size of a thumbnail between the longest toe and the front of the shoe. Heels should also be snug, but not too tight against the back of the shoes. Finally, basketball shoes should be form-fitting. It’s best to find shoes that match the natural shape of your foot, especially for infants and toddlers who are just developing the foundation of their future athletic skills.

Luckily, all of these qualities can be found in the KicksUSA infant and toddler basketball shoes collection. Shop a wide range of brands and styles, and find the perfect fit for your young kid.