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Kid's Grade School Shoes

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1-36 of 194 products

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When it comes to choosing the right school shoes for kids, you want to be sure you’re getting the best. You want kid’s grade school shoes to outlast wear and tear of the basketball court, playground and schoolyard. Kids can play rough, so going with top brands like Jordan, Nike or adidas to protect their feet is always a good choice. Whatever you’re looking for, KicksUSA has it in our selection of girls and boys grade school shoes.

Shoes for Kids in Grade School

Basketball Shoes for Grade School Boys & Girls

If your child is an athlete, having durable, comfortable shoes is a huge factor to consider when buying grade school shoes. Especially for kids who play basketball, having shoes that are built for the court, and appropriate for the classroom can save you the trouble of buying multiple pairs.

KicksUSA has a wide collection of popular basketball brands like Nike and Jordan for grade school boys and girls that can help take their game to the next level. You want your kids to be safe while playing, so buying basketball shoes with the right ankle support and flexibility can go a long way.

Your kids can stay safe by wearing shoes appropriate for playing basketball in the gym or on the pavement. Make sure you check out product descriptions to see the shoe features that focus on comfort, stability and durability.

Grade School Shoes for Running

Kids who are always running around need supportive and flexible shoes. If your grade school kid plays after-school sports, or just hits the park with friends after class, these are the shoes you want. They need to be durable and lightweight, so no matter what your kid does when the dismissal bell rings, their school shoes won’t be weighing them down.

Buying girls grade school shoes can be a challenge. For kids running shoes, thin, supportive soles and materials that are flexible allow kids to maintain the natural motion of the foot while they’re running. Running shoes should bend easily at the joint and support the arch of the foot. They should also fit right. So instead of buying shoes they’ll grow into, buy shoes that fit them now.

Nike boys grade school shoes are available in different colors and styles. Nike Huaraches for kids are just some of the supportive, cushioned, good quality grade school shoes available at KicksUSA.

Casual & Retro Grade School Shoes

Classic, timeless silhouettes make for awesome grade school shoes because they’ll stay in style for a long time. Brands like Converse, Vans, and Nike are a good bet for shoes that won’t fade out of style quickly. They also pair nicely with just about anything your kids want to wear.

Introducing your kid to classic styles at a young age will help them make good choices through the years, and allow some versatility in clothing choices. A pair of Nikes, for example, goes well with just about anything a grade school kid would wear.

Find the Best Grade School Shoes

Whatever your kid is looking for, you can find it with KicksUSA’s collection of grade school shoes for boys and girls. Get your kid ready for school, basketball practice and just about anything else with the latest styles from top brands.