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Boys & Girls Kids Training Shoes

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Few kids are training the way adults do. They don’t have 7-day-a-week gym regimens. They’re not pushing themselves to the limit. They may not be cross training or lifting heavy weights every day. But kids still need athletic training shoes. Kids training shoes aren’t primarily for intense workouts—they’re made to keep kids safe as they run, jump and climb their way through life. Shop KicksUSA’s selection of athletic shoes for boys and girls, and find a pair of shoes that can keep up with your kids.

Kids Athletic Shoes for Boys & Girls

Kids athletic shoes should be durable. Kids will put trainers and running shoes through the ringer. They’ll fall in them. They’ll scuff them. They’ll wear them day after day in the streets. It’s not enough just to get them trainers—they need trainers that are built to last.

This starts with choosing quality brands. Brand that focus on athletic performance, like Nike and adidas, are great choices, though they’re not the only choices. Your selection should really come down to which tennis shoes are most comfortable and safe for your kid.

How Kids Tennis Shoes Should Fit

Kids tennis shoes should fit similarly to kids running shoes. That means leaving about a thumbnail’s length between the largest toe and the front of the shoe as well as having a snug fit between the back of the shoe and the heel.

A lot of parents choose to buy kids tennis shoes a size or two too big, but this is actually doing kids a disservice. Training shoes are meant to fit feet for the size they are now, not where they’re going to be. Even if your kid is growing fast, his or her shoes still need to fit properly.

This is especially important for safety. Your kids are going to be running, jumping and climbing in their athletic shoes, so it’s necessary to have the proper support to make sure they stay protected. Tennis shoes should also be flexible and lightweight. Modern kids training shoes often have breathable, seamless fabrics for the shoe’s outer, and flexible soles to match the natural walking motion of the foot.

Shop Athletic Shoes for Kids

Some kids wear tennis shoes just for style, but this shouldn’t discount the other elements. Kids athletic shoes don’t have to be for running the track or hitting the weights after class. Having high-quality performance shoes will even keep kids safe while they’re walking, hanging out on the playground or jogging to catch the school bus. If you’re looking to keep your kids safe, shop the KicksUSA selection of training shoes for grade school kids and find the perfect fit.