Kids Skateboarding Shoes

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Skateboard shoes have evolved over the years to be more stylish, while keeping performance in mind. If your kid is a budding skater or just likes the style of skate shoes, check out the KicksUSA collection of skateboarding shoes from top brands like Vans, Nike, Converse and more.

What You Should Look for in Kids Skate Shoes

One thing you should know is that there are two main types of skateboarding shoes for kids: cupsole and vulcanized shoes. Cupsole skate shoes are designed with more cushioning for impact. They are a better choice for skaters who expect higher impact on landing.

Vulcanized shoes are more in line with the style kids look for. They’re designed to look more sleek, with a focus on flexibility and versatility. They’re also more lightweight than traditional skate shoes, so they give skaters a better feel for finesse movements.

If you’re a parent looking to buy skate shoes for your kid or toddler for the first time, this is an important distinction to keep in mind. But if your kid wants skate shoes just for style, you can just focus your choice on comfort and aesthetics.

Durable Skate Shoes

When you’re shopping for kids skateboarding shoes, you also have to think about durability. Most skaters tear through shoes quickly due to wear-and-tear. If you want them to be more durable, you have to think about what features can help.

For one, kids skater shoes don’t always come with lace guards. These don’t have to cover up the laces completely—some brands offer attachments on lace edges that protect them from ripping and shredding. Unlike most other shoes, the outer sole matters a lot for youth skateboarding shoes as well. Often, it’s the main point of contact between a skater and his or her board. Looking for a well-built outer sole or gum sole should do the trick.

But above all else, buying quality brands, like Vans, Nike and Converse, is your best bet for both boys and girls skateboarding shoes.

How Should Boys & Girls Skateboarding Shoes Fit?

Just like any other kids shoes, skateboarding shoes for boys and girls should fit for where they are now. Parents are always tempted to buy kids shoes a size or two big so that they’ll grow into them over time, but this is not ideal, especially for athletic shoes.

Skateboarding shoes for kids should leave about a thumbnail’s length between the front of the show and the longest toe, and keep in mind that longest toe doesn’t always mean big toe. The heel should be snug, but not tight, against the back of the shoe. Also, for new skate shoes particularly, it’s best to lace them up while your foot is in the shoe. This way, they will mold to the form of your kid’s feet from day one.

Find The Best Skate Shoe Brands For Kids

Whether you’re shopping for a kid, teen or toddler, the best skate shoes are made by top brands. Shop KicksUSA’s selection of skateboarding shoes for boys and girls, and find the best fit for your young skater.