Sandals for Boys & Girls

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Boys and girls sandals are not just for the beach and swimming pools. A lot of kids are wearing flip flops, slides and sandals for comfort or athletics. Just as with other footwear, it’s important that kids have sandals that will support them and keep their feet safe and healthy, no matter what they’re wearing them for. KicksUSA has a collection of sandals, flip flops and slides for boys and girls from top brands to help you find the perfect fit for your kids.

How Kids Flip Flops Should Fit

Whether they’re wearing slides, sandals or flip flops, boys and girls need have footwear that fits properly, and that starts with some parental oversight. While kids have more wiggle room than toddlers and babies, who should mostly stick to sandals with straps, they still need to get the right fit.

So let’s start there. If your kids are wearing sandals with straps, the fit should be similar to sneakers. There should be about a thumbnail’s length of space between the child’s longest toe and the front part of the sandals. The straps should fit securely, but not tight. There should be no pressure over the top of the foot. And finally, the heel should fit snugly against the back of the sandals.

As for flip flops and slides, the same idea applies, but the fit will just not be as secure. The main thing is to make sure that there is not too much pressure over the top of the foot. Toes and heels should also be well within any seams on the outer end of the flip flops to prevent rubbing or chafing.

Why the Shape of Kids Sandals Matters

The shape matters because you want kids to have sandals that fit according to the natural shape of their feet. Size is one thing, and that’s easy to figure out, but not all sandals and flip flops are created equally. Some are flat, some have grooves and some, like Nike slides, have unique material that can form around your foot.

The reason why shape is so important is because your boys and girls are still developing their motions and movement. As they grow, it’s important for them to gain consistency and proper gait in the way they walk and move around.

If they’re going to be wearing sandals, slides and flip flops regularly, they need a pair that will facilitate natural, easy movement.

Flip Flops, Slides and Sandals for Boys and Girls

Flip flops, slides and sandals all serve different purposes for young boys and girls. Some belong on the beach, others are for quick trips outside or footwear for around the house. Some are made specifically for athletes and locker rooms.

Whatever you’re looking for, find it in KicksUSA’s collection of sandals and slides for kids.