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Picking out kid’s running shoes for your child requires more than just choosing the pair that looks best. You want to be sure your child is comfortable, protected and ready to go with the most modern materials and style. You need to buy running shoes that not only fit well, but also protect your kids’ feet as they continue to grow. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of running shoes for little boys and girls and find the best shoes for your young runner.

Finding the Right Fit For Kids Running Shoes

Kids’ feet come in all different shapes and sizes, so having them measured will help when it comes to choosing the best shoes. This is something that can be done by going to a footwear store, but it’s also something you can do online using our online footwear measurement guide.

It’s important to note that some brands fit differently than others, so you might have to size up or down depending on the brand. This is something that you can usually tell by reading the product description or online reviews from other customers. You don’t want your kids to be falling out of their shoes while running, so make sure the heel is secure and the toes can move freely.

Purchasing shoes that are too tight or too loose can leave your child with blisters and sore feet. It can even mess with foot development or be the cause of injury or discomfort while running.

The best fitting shoes are those that leave about a half inch between the big toe and the front of the shoe. Kids running shoes should also have flexible soles that move along with the natural motion of the foot. This is especially important for a high-impact activity like running.

Best Brands for Kid’s Running Shoes

If your kids are involved in sports like track and field, they will be doing a lot more running than other kids. In this case, you’ll need a shoe that is lightweight and breathable.

Brands like Nike and adidas are well-known for producing high-quality running shoes for kids. Nike kids running shoes like Nike Huarache, Nike Roshe and Nike Air Max can offer the perfect fit, comfort and traction for youth runners. These elements will make running safer for kids.

If your child is heavy for his or her age, make sure they are getting the extra cushioning and support in their shoes like adidas Ultra Boost or Nike’s cushioned heels. Choosing a pair of running shoes that fits your child’s frame will also prevent him or her from getting injured.

When buying running shoes for your kid, you should be taking note of the product descriptions and features to see if they are up to your standards.

Kid’s Running Shoes for Casual Style

If your kid isn’t much into sports, but does a lot of running around, you still want your kid to have the best protection.

Children tend to spend a lot of time outdoors running and playing, so you want the shoes to be made from modern, high-quality materials. This way, they won’t wear down as quickly as other running shoes, and you won’t have to replace them as often.

Kid’s can get caught up in wanting the coolest pair of shoes, but it’s up to you as a parent to find the perfect balance of style, comfort and performance. Whether your grade schooler wants a solid black or white colorway or just fun colors to stand out from a crowd, KicksUSA has a range of running shoes available in different colors that kids love with the comfort and protection that parents want.