Grade School Kid's Boots

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Grade School Boots for Boys and Girls

Choosing the right boots for your kids can be difficult, but it’s important. Maybe you need to find tall winter boots that will keep their feet warm through a cold season, or you want your kids to have a pair of hardy Timberland hiking boots, or you just want them to have some cosy Uggs to wear to school. Whatever your needs are, KicksUSA has it in our selection of boots for grade school kids.

There are a few important features of kids boots that should be addressed as you’re looking for the perfect pair. Use this information to make sure that your kids’ feet stay protected in high-quality boots that last a long time. Even though they’re only in grade school, don’t underestimate the importance of looking good, either. These kids don’t play around with their style.

What to look for when buying boots for Kids

Waterproof Boots for Rainy Days

You should know the difference between waterproof and water-resistant boots. Waterproof boots won’t allow water to penetrate the outer layer, with tighter seams and stronger liners. Water resistant just means that the boots will protect boys and girls’ feet against a light rain or flurries, but may not keep their feet completely dry during heavy snow or driving rain. They won’t be able to walk through puddles, but there will be enough protection to walk to school on a rainy day and remain dry.

Insulated Boots for the Cold Season

These are really more for the cold weather and snow. During winter, toes are the first place kids get cold. Insulated boots have extra layering that keep your feet warmer and better protected from bad weather conditions. Again, even if they’re just walking to school, little kids need to stay warm, and they can do that with insulated boots. For additional warmth, look for a pair with fur-lining.

Breathable Boots for Everyday Wear

This is one thing kids won’t care about as much as parents. Breathability is important for boys and girls boots because it prevents them from smelling. If boots get wet, they need to dry. If kids are running around and their feet are sweating, the materials need to be able to breathe and dry. Look for boots that have this feature if you don’t want your kids’ feet to stink.

Styles of Boots for Boys and Girls

Functional Boots from Timberland

Timberland has a range of styles for kids in grade school. A pair of black or brown Timberland field boots is a good bet for hiking and snow, and they even look dressy enough to wear to school. For kids with more heavy-duty needs, Timberland 6-Inch Premium Waterproof boots offer the same dressy style with a little more protection from winter conditions.

Comfortable Boots from UGG

Ugg Boots for both boys and girls offer the most comfortable fit in high- or low-top suede, knit and leather boots. Grade school girls can check out styles like the Cambridge, Juniper, Darrah, Bayson, Bailey Bow or the Original Classic UGG boots for a comfortable fit that will protect their feet from the elements. UGG also has a variety of styles for boys boots and slip-ons.

Fashion and Function Boots from Nike

Nike offers the best of both worlds with sneaker-like style and true performance with its line of boots for grade school kids. Nike boots for kids walk the line between warmth and style, and bring another option to the table for kids looking to up their look. Both boys and girls can wear Nike boots like the Nike Air Max Goadome ACG, Nike Manoa LTH, Nike ACG Woodside boots and more.

Find the Right Boots for School Kids

KicksUSA grade school boots include different styles and functions from Timberland, UGG, Nike, Converse and more. Check out our selection of chukkas, rain and all-weather boots and get your children ready for school, winter and the outdoors.