Hello New York!

As KicksUSA gears up for the grand opening of their first New York City location, here’s a little about us.

KicksUSA has become the go-to destination for sneakers and sportswear in the Philadelphia, New Jersey, and surrounding areas since our beginning in 2002.

We offer the latest styles of sneakers, sportswear, and urban clothing carrying all your favorite brands like Nike, Jordan, Adidas, and Converse who we proudly can say have chosen us as their preferred partners means their latest products hit our shelves first!



Spanish Harlem (also referred to as El Barrio) is a neighborhood known for it’s myriad of cultures, including: Italian, Caribbean, Mexican, Middle-Eastern and many others. The people, the food, the arts and music all tell the story of its history and the many footprints that have shaped the area. When a community welcomes us in, they’re getting much more then a sneaker store, they’re getting a dedicated partner. We here at KicksUSA value the rich culture of Spanish Harlem and plan on showing our new neighbors whats its like to Live Life The KicksWay!!

Latest Products

Stay up-to-date with all the latest from KicksUSA through our strong social media presence. Our growth is testament to our hard work and customer-first mentality and we can’t wait for this next step that brings us to the greatest city of all, New York!

Artist Mark Deren (@MadSteez)

When I was presented the task to create a mural for KicksUSA in East Harlem that would cover the entire building I was up for the challenge!! I wanted to stay true to the feel it’s nickname "El Barrio” so I did some research . I was inspired by vintage photos of the late 70’s and 80’s of sneakers hanging from the wires. I currated a master scene with some classics like the Jordan 1’s, Air Max’s, Sheltoes and Chuck Taylor’s. As I started painting the mural, the people of Harlem were so welcoming and grateful which was such a great warm feeling. Tenants across the street were hanging out their windows and saying that now they have a view and reason to finally look out their window. To give people color, light and bit of happiness is the greatest thing to me and it really shows that art is a powerful tool. Thank you Harlem for letting me brighten your lives.

New York Collection

To show our support and appreciation for the city we’ve curated a collection of New York’s sports teams’ apparel and gear. The collection is comprised of accessories and apparel from all of New York City’s pro-sports teams including the Giants, Yankees, Mets, and Islanders! You can find all of these NYC-inspired pieces and much more on our KicksUSA website.

The Kicks Way

The Kicks Way is a way of life that is rooted in three areas – Sports, Music and Sneakers. Shooting hoops every weekend with your peeps, that’s the The Kicks Way. Vibing out to your favorite artists new album, that’s The Kicks Way. Getting the hot new release shoe before anyone else, that's The Kicks Way. How do you live #TheKicksWay


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