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Jordan Craig evolved from three small retail stores in Queens, New York to one of the most recognizable brands in modern streetwear. Founded in 1989, Jordan Craig has continued to grow its product line in recent years with everything from pants, jeans and joggers to jackets, coats, hoodies and vests. Shop KicksUSA’s collection of Jordan Craig clothing for men and boys, and find what you need to complete your street style look.

Jordan Craig Jeans, Denim & Pants

Due to a unique washing process and close attention to every detail, each pair of Jordan Craig jeans and every single piece of denim clothing made by the brand has its own look that varies in color and tone. Because of this, your Jordan Craig jeans are unique to you.

That individuality and uniqueness is important to fashion, but especially essential to street style, where every piece of your outfit should make a statement. If you want to have individual style, you need to have the clothes to back it up, and that’s exactly what you get when you shop Jordan Craig jeans and denim.

Apart from the wash and tone is the fit. Jordan Craig jeans are tailored to fit in with modern style. Often you’ll find jeans tapered from the knee to the ankle or hand-formed wrinkles or stretchability for comfort. These elements make Jordan Craig jeans the perfect companions to sneakers or boots.

If tapered jeans aren’t your thing, you can check out some straight-legged twill pants from Jordan Craig. The same quality design and attention to detail are present in the twill pants as well. It’s obvious in the wash, color, stressing and unique touches brought to every pair.

In addition to its legacy of denim and jeans, Jordan Craig also has an extensive line of joggers, sweatpants, cargo pants, camo pants and more. Joggers, in particular, have been picking up in street fashion lately, and Jordan Craig joggers are no exception. Tapered the the ankle, built for comfort, these joggers have the perfect fit and comfort to match modern style.

Older standbys like utility cargo pants and shorts as well as camo pants still remain relevant to street fashion as bold, timeless looks. And sweatpants, of course, aren’t going away anytime soon. So if you want to embrace street style, it’s time to stock up on Jordan Craig jeans and pants at KicksUSA.

Jordan Craig Jackets, Coats & Vests

The same high-end fashion brought to Jordan Craig jeans and pants comes along with jackets, coats and vests. Like the denim, a lot of the Jordan Craig jackets and coats come in unique styles with distressed fabric, sherpa lining, camo or zipped pockets.

These are just a few of the styles available for Jordan Craig jackets, coats and vests. To see more, check out what KicksUSA has in stock.

Jordan Craig Shirts & T-Shirts

While the main focus of Jordan Craig is jeans and denim, the brand does bring interesting new street styles with its shirts and T-shirts.

If you’re looking for a unique camo or tactical-style shirt or a scallop T-shirt, the Jordan Craig collection has you covered. You can also check out distressed or destroyed T-shirts as well as simpler styles.

With a focus on higher-end fashion and unique design, Jordan Craig brings originality to the streetwear game. If you’re looking to up your street style, shop KicksUSA’s selection of Jordan Craig denim and clothing today.