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Baby clothes don’t have to be bland. Even newborns can wear more than just baby blue or pink. Parents no longer have to sift through cheap, low quality toddler clothes. There are more options now than ever when it comes to infant or toddler clothes for boys and girls. Brands like Nike, adidas, Jordan, The North Face and others actually do make cute baby and toddler clothes. Think about your three-month-old rocking adidas’ three stripes or your three-year-old toddler in a pair of Jordan shorts. If you want to hook your baby or toddler up with athletic yet stylish clothing, shop KicksUSA’s collection of baby clothes online and find everything from infant boy and girl clothes to toddler apparel from brands you trust.

Infant Boy & Girl Clothes & Apparel

Face it, you’re going to need new threads to go with your infant or toddler’s new shoes. But seriously, as cool as it is to see your newborn or little boy or girl in some Baby Jordans or a Nike Kids T-shirt, the most important thing for parents is that their babies are comfortable.

So it’s not just about finding cute baby clothes—it’s about finding baby clothes that are suitable to your child’s specific needs. For babies and especially newborns, it’s best to buy high quality clothes in small amounts. They’re going to outgrow them in just few weeks or months, so you don’t want to overbuy and end up with a bunch of clothes that are too tiny for your baby.

That’s why when you’re not sure about the sizing or fit of a product, it’s always best to go with a larger size. Other considerations for boy and girl infant clothing are the material, how easy it is to take on and off, whether the fabric is stretchy or elastic and overall safety.

When you look at clothing, take note of anything that can come off the product, like buttons, bows and strings. These things can be choking hazards to an infant. Other elements, like drawstrings near the neck and waistband can be strangulation hazards. If you’re buying a baby hoodie for example, make sure there is either no drawstring or that it is removable.

Finally, just make sure your baby clothes are made from soft fabrics. You want whatever baby clothes you buy to be comfortable, and the material used to make them is the biggest factor in comfort.

Toddler Boy & Girl Clothes & Apparel

When buying toddler clothing, parents have more choices than for babies and newborns. Toddlers are always running around, so buying active-wear for toddlers is actually an option. It’s not that they’re hitting the gym to workout and lift weights, but toddlers are active, because, as all parents know, they have a ton of energy.

Buying clothes from brands like Nike and Jordan is a safe bet. You’ll usually want to go with toddler clothes with elastic waistbands for easy on and off. But as opposed to infants, who shouldn’t be near buttons, it’s actually helpful to have some easy-to-operate snaps, ties or laces. It’s time they learn to start dressing themselves, but you want it to be easy to avoid any tantrums before school.

Boy and girl toddler clothes can also be bought bigger, so they last longer. Even if they’re not growing as quickly as newborns, they’re still growing everyday, and you’ll want those clothes to last. That way, you can avoid buying cheap toddler clothes, and focus on pieces that will be both keep them protected and last long enough to be worth it.

Baby & Toddler Clothes Online

So whether you’re looking for a baby hoodie or toddler clothes for your boy or girl, you can find it all in KicksUSA’s online store. Shop the best selection of activewear and workout clothes for toddlers as well as simple, safe baby apparel.