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Dr. Marten's Boots

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Dr. Martens boots, a staple of ‘90s grunge style, have seen a resurgence in recent years. Doc Martens don’t just belong in the mosh pit anymore—choose from a range of men’s and women’s styles that are suitable for the office, school or city streets. Whether you’re looking for the classic 1460 boots, shoes or even sandals, shop KicksUSA’s collection of Dr. Martens and add classic style to your look.

Dr. Martens Boots and Shoes

Dr. Martens started production in the late 1940s, but really came to prominence in certain British and American subcultures, like the punk and new wave music scenes, in the late 1980s. While popularity fluctuated, it never wavered. Doc Martens have been a huge part of the fashion world for the last three decades.

The iconic, military-esque look of the original 1460s is still ubiquitous in modern style, and the popularity is growing all the time. Docs have since expanded to other styles like chelsea boots, work boots, sneakers, slip-ons, loafers, dress-style shoes and more.

Dr. Martens are built to last, with a tough leather construction and the iconic air-cushioned outsole to give them that true “Doc Marten” look. You can go sleek with a pair of men’s or women’s Dr. Martens Caribblos or Coronados or go heavy-duty with a pair of Dr. Martens work boots. It doesn’t matter what style you choose, because all Doc Martens are meant to withstand the elements and the wear-and-tear of your lifestyle.

Doc Martens Boots For Men

Men’s Dr. Martens boots showcase a range of different, versatile styles. You can try a pair of Dr. Martens Boyle Slip-On Shoes for an upscale, relaxed look. You can check out some black 101 Brando 6-Eyelet Boots if you want to walk the line between casual night out and dressed up for the modern workplace. If you’re looking for something more streamlined and clean, the classic 1460 is always an option.

Dr. Martens has become way more than just a boot company. You can buy dress shoes, work boots, sneakers, accessories and more. The one thing you always get when you shop Dr. Martens men’s boots and shoes is that classic style.

Women’s Doc Martens Boots

Women’s Dr. Martens boots are similar to the men’s, but they can go in a million different directions. There’s classic punk style like the Dr. Martens Kristy Slouch Rigger Boot. You can try a more sleek look with the Bianca Low Shaft Zip Chelsea Boots. You can go bold with the Leona 7 Hook Boot. Or, you can just stick with the classics and go for the 1460 boots.

One option you do get with women’s Doc Martens is different colorway choices. For the 1460s, for example, you can go black, white, suede, blue, green, pink, purple and even rainbow glitter. Women’s Doc Martens aren’t just limited to boots, either. You can buy sneakers, sandals, and more.

Find your style and own it with KicksUSA’s collection of Dr. Martens boots and shoes for men and women.