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When adidas first released the NMD in 2015, it was widely viewed as a forward-thinking sneaker from the brand. From the first silhouette, the NMD was immediately a huge hit. It featured the adidas boost™ sole and Primeknit upper. It was an absolute perfect mesh of adidas signature technology and a nod to the Originals of the brand’s past.

While the NMD was a completely new shoe, it hit on some classic styles of a triple threat of adidas Originals. It’s like a collage built from pieces of past models like the adidas Micro Pacer, Rising Star and Boston Super. This aspect of the NMD brings on an intersection of past and future that places the shoes perfectly in the present.

The NMD launched to a global audience in December of 2015, and has since garnered adidas another level of respect in the modern sneaker world.

The Ultimate Combination of Boost™ and Primeknit

The thing that made the NMD different was the tech involved in the design. This is most noticeable in the midsole, where colorful foam blocks line the heel and forefoot as a recognition of its adidas predecessors. The shoes also incorporate the adidas boost™ technology, which is made of a material called thermoplastic polyurethane (TPU). TPU is bundled and compresses under pressure, quickly returning to its original shape when released. The idea is that shoes with boost™ absorb shock better than most running or training shoes without it.

The NMD also implemented adidas Primeknit technology. Primeknit is pretty simple — the shoe is knit together like a sock making it one piece of material instead of multiple pieces. Primeknit also uses fused yarn to more easily decide the flexibility and support of each shoe. Plus, the original NMDs were just so comfortable, and the most recent releases have only improved in that category.

That combination ― style, technology, comfort, and nostalgia — made the NMD insanely popular among both men and women during its original run.

adidas NMD Releases

Apart from the original release, NMDs went through a couple of style iterations in both mens and womens shoes. There’s the NMD R1, R2, XR1, laceless CS2 Primeknit, all coming in a bunch of different colorways in a comfortable sock-like construction. White, black, camo, pink, the three stripes has continued to get stronger with sleeker designs and refined patterns.

NMDs for Running or Training

While these shoes have been adopted mostly for style, it doesn’t mean you can’t wear them as runners or trainers. The NMDs are built for performance first, but just happened to catch the world’s eye at the right time. Again, adidas found the perfect balance with that: the NMDs are stylish enough to wear them without working out in them, and performance-focused enough to workout in them without wearing them out. No matter what you choose to do, the NMDs aren’t going to waste.

KicksUSA has a growing collection of NMDs including the R1, R2, XR1, CS2 Primeknit, and newer models as they’re released. Wear modern style without forgetting where it came from and pick up some adidas NMDs.

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