YMI -  Women's WannaBetterButt Skinny Jeans

YMI - Women's WannaBetterButt Skinny Jeans





These are definitely a must-have in your closet! Not only are they incredibly fashionable but they are also incredibly comfortable and form-fitting. They really work to show off your beautiful curves. They slightly “lift and shift” your butt to give you a rounder, firmer look. The dark wash on these jeans creates the illusion of a slimmer body and longer legs with specially designed “contour seams” to help you achieve a flattering, firmer look. These YMI jeans hug you in just the right places for an incredible result! Try and see how they work for you. Throw on some heels and a t-shirt with your new pair of YMI skinny jeans to finish off your flattering and sexy model look.