Reebok - Shaqnosis "Escape from LA"

Reebok - Shaqnosis "Escape from LA"


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The “Escape from LA” incarnation of the beloved Shaqnosis begins with a midtop black nubuck upper. The unique swirl patterns that run along the sides have always been the shoe’s calling card, and this case is no different. They are comprised of a splattered pattern that utilizes yellow, purple, black, and red. This is a shout out to both the Los Angeles Lakers and the Miami Heat, representing Shaq’s transitional period perfectly. A yellow Shaq logo rests right above the toe box and in the center of the heel, just below the tab. Sitting just above the midsole in the central area is a red stitched Reebok logo, contrasting the black backdrop and tying in the swirl pattern which is confined by tonal leather strips .The midsole matches with the rest of the upper, keeping it simple and dressed in black, but gives way to a purple rubber outsole. Protection is crucial for a star like Shaq, so Reebok offers their Hexalite technology throughout the shoe. It appears heavier (Ultra) in the heel where more protection is needed, and more moderately (low-profile) in the forefoot so you can still feel the court beneath you. Made for the courts but perfect for chilling, you can't help but be hypnotized by Shaqnosis!

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