Reebok - Shaq Attaq “Ghost of Christmas Present”

Reebok - Shaq Attaq “Ghost of Christmas Present”


SKU: V61428



Reebok chose to craft their take on the World renowned hit we know and love as A Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens. If Holidays colors colors suit you then look no further. Think of it like this, a fuzzy Bill Cosby sweater, hot chocolate in one hand, a fireplace filled with crackling wood in front of you and these bad boys on your feet. The Shaq Attaq from the Reebok “Ghosts of Christmas” Pack utilizes the color green in such a way that it reminds us of the Grinch. An almost fern green upper is held up by a white midsole. The side panels of the shoe have decorative glitter on them. Their tongue is tamed with the Reebok Pump and bears a sonic green colorway.


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